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Teatar Poco Loco is a small art organization that has achieved great results in less than three years of existence. We have won 15 awards, have played over 900 shows, and our performance has been seen by more than 90,000 children.

Teatar Poco Loco was founded in September 2014, and has consistently brought together professional actors, musicians, directors, dramatists, visual artists and drama pedagogues. The founders of the theatre are renowned Renata Carola Gatica, director, and Maja Katić, Zrinka Kušević and Dunja Fajdić actors and drama pedagogues.

So far, we have been visiting kindergartens, children’s homes, schools, theaters and unusual venues for theatrical performance. Our projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture (The Full Backpacker of Culture Project), the City Office of Education, Culture and Sport of the City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Kali, where we organized the Story Island Festival.

We have collaborated with: The Exit Theater, The Pinkleci Theater, the Ribnjak Center for Youth, the City Puppet Theatre Split, the City Puppet Theatre Rijeka, the Maksimir Center for Culture and Information, the Indian Cultural Center in Zagreb, the Confucius Institute, the POGON Independent Culture Center, the Night of the Book and Theater Night events, Daruvar’s cultural summer and many others. We also attended the following festivals: Mali Marulić, Špancirfest, Ogulin fairytale festival, ASSITEJ, Naj naj festival, KOTOR FEST International Children’s and Youth Theater Festival and many others.